Welcome to Chalmar Dobermans

Chalmar Dobermans is the home of European and European-cross Dobermans who do it all. Many American-lines Dobermans have completely lost their working ability and the temperament that made the Doberman distinct from all other breeds. At Chalmar, the best European Working lines are featured, along with dogs like Gunnar and the late Bro, who mix German working and American lines. We want genetic material who have a high desire to work. They are hard, resilient, stable, high drive, high energy, and are best in homes that will bring them to their genetic potential. We also breed dogs who are correct in conformation and structure.

Puppies are available from Chalmar on a very infrequent basis. Gamy has just been bred (October 2011) and breeding and puppy info is available on her page. Contact us for more information on any upcoming litters at arnjay@verizon.net or 978-579-9933

Montage of Gunnar, Bro, Gamy