Ch Chalmar's The Big Red One, SchH 3, IPO 3, D-CD, ROM, AD, ZTPV1A

Bro, born on March 10, 1991, was one of only 5 Dobermans in the history of the breed to both finish an AKC Championship and get a Schutzhund 3 title, and the first Ch/SchH3 to produce a Ch/SchH 3 son.. He is the only American bred dog to be 2 times IPO 3 and Meistershaft. German V rated for conformation. Producer of the most titled get for 2000 through 2002. Bro died of Fibrosarcoma on January 25, 2003, a bit over a month short of his 12th birthday. He has many sons and daughters who have lived past 10.

Bro doing Bitework

Bro stacked

Bro on the schutzhund wall


Bro's Pedigree
Parents Grandparents
Gero v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH 3, Angek K1 1a Boris v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH 3, IPO 3, Angek K1 1a
Anouk v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH 3, Angek K1 1b, AD
Ch Chalmar's Chemin de Fer Int Ch Danica-Stamm's Juan, SchH 1, IPO 2
Chalmar's Shannon de Valehr